The aim of the SolMech conference is to bring together researchers from around the world to present their scientific findings on a wide range of topics related to solid mechanics, addressing recent theoretical developments, trends and challenges involved in the practical application of research ideas.

These conferences have served as a hub for the exchange of ideas and networking. By bringing together experts in the field, we seek to foster interdisciplinary collaborations to identify new research directions and advancements in solid mechanics.

The conference particularly intends to inspire young researchers and support them in showcasing their research. It will allow them to have discussions and have a diverse perspective on a broad field of solid mechanics.

SolMech aims to explore fundamental principles of solid mechanics, progress in experimental and computational methods of mechanics and its practical implications on the solution of various engineering and applied sciences problems.

Conference topics

The conference will cover a wide range of solid mechanics fields. The topics include, but are not limited to:

  • biomechanics
  • composite materials and structures
  • computational methods of mechanics
  • continuum mechanics, elasticity and plasticity
  • coupled and multiphysics problems
  • dynamics of solids and structures
  • experimental mechanics
  • fracture, damage and fatigue
  • geomechanics
  • interfaces, thin layers and contact mechanics
  • mechanics of composites, porous and cellular materials
  • mechanics of defects (cracks, dislocations, inclusions, …)
  • micromechanics and thermodynamics of materials
  • nanomechanics and atomistic modeling
  • optimization, sensitivity and reliability analysis
  • phase transitions and microstructures
  • plates and shells
  • smart materials and structures
  • structural mechanics

These topics will be covered under the thematic sessions, each of which categorizes a wide range of the above-mentioned topics. Regardless of these categories, we always welcome new research areas or ideas revolving around solid mechanics.


42nd Solid Mechanics Conference

05-08.09 2022, Świnoujście, Poland

41st Solid Mechanics Conference

27-31.08 2018, Warsaw, Poland

40th Solid Mechanics Conference

29.08-2.09 2016, Warsaw, Poland

39th Solid Mechanics Conference

1-5.09 2014, Zakopane, Poland

38th Solid Mechanics Conference

27-31.08 2012, Warsaw, Poland